Greater Choices You Need For the Home Décor

If you decide to reproduce the English interior design in your home, you will have to withstand it in each of the rooms, even in the toilet and in the bathroom. The design in English is very specific, and any deviation from it will look like a foreign element and detail. You might also want to try going for a colonial style of interior design. Therefore, dwell separately on all the features of the observance of Victorian design in each of the rooms. Classical style of rural and country houses for the rural house, look at a photo.Currently, there are general recommendations regarding the choice of the main color for decoration. For the best home décor this is the best deal now.

    • The color scheme can be light and dark, everything will depend on preferences, and all colors must be natural, that is, have certain analogues among all natural dyes. No synthetic or bright orange, pink, light green and ultramarine.
  • All colors should be restrained. For this interior, lilac, gold, sand, blue, grass color and shades of natural wood are perfect.

The only bright accent that the British could afford was the rich red color. It was not only the color of the national flag of England, but also had good practical significance – when contemplating scarlet and red shades, the mood improves and vitality increases, and an excellent surge of strength is observed.

In a country where there is a lot of fog and damp weather, this particular emphasis is more relevant than ever, therefore, reproducing a truly English style in your home, use this technique.

Naturalness of building materials of all components

This is an important feature of the English interior in the house. It must be remembered that it is traditions that are honored the most, and the use of synthetic fabrics, plastics, chipboard sheets is basically the invention of our time, and it has nothing to do with the classics. And applying them you can spoil the impression of your home. Using wood, linen, stone and wool in construction is quite an expensive pleasure, although Victorian style in the house speaks of such abundance.

Victorian style

Another common detail is a special floor covering. It should be a typeset parquet or its skillful likeness. Moreover, its color should be natural, and the pattern should not be too complicated, and the state of the floors will need to be carefully monitored. It is permissible to use oriental carpets, but lush and long-haired, which are now on the market and, the original carpets of Turkey or India, always with ornaments and original floral motifs with a low pile and tightly and well-woven.

The presence of large windows is another distinguishing feature that must be observed. If it is not possible to make the windows large in the whole frame house, then you can apply this technique to the interior of the house in the English style.

Big windows

Another small detail, the glass in the window frames must not be made whole, but divided into special squares. This item arose in England due to the limited possibilities of glass blowers, as a large piece of glass could produce a maximum of half one square meter, and this, of course, is very small for a high-quality light opening. To simulate this glass, modern experts propose the use of decorative glass lining, called spros.