Guide about selling products online on Amazon

9 Things You Need to Know Before Selling on Amazon

Indian e-commerce growth has recently skyrocketed, thanks to rising e-commerce adoption and the availability of a wide range of products. This is the place to go if you want to start an e-commerce business on the Amazon India marketplace and learn how to Sell Products.

What Are the Benefits of Selling on Amazon?

There are various compelling reasons to sell on Amazon. Here are a few examples:

  • Demand Is Growing

Grocery and clothing are two categories that are expected to expand slightly. India’s e-commerce demands are being fueled by rising internet penetration and the expansion of organized industries within retail markets. Furthermore, the government’s FDI policies will hasten the growth of India’s e-commerce industry.

  • Logistics

Aside from Flipkart, Amazon is India’s most trusted and user-friendly e-commerce platform. Amazon Prime members can get fast delivery. Amazon has a competitive advantage due to its high-speed logistics capabilities. As a result, sellers should take advantage of it.

  • Sourcing Products

Many foreign retailers acquire their goods from Indian manufacturers. After China, it is one of the world’s largest manufacturing hubs. Sourcing products from India will undoubtedly increase your revenues. Furthermore, keeping business relationships and networks is simple if you’re a vendor in India. If you haven’t already, now is the moment to start selling on Amazon India.

What is the best way to sell on Amazon?

Not all companies are created equal. As a result, you should choose a business plan that works for you and follow the steps outlined below.

  • Identify a Product that is a Game-Changer

The first step in selling on Amazon is identifying a great product that you’d like to sell. Before you begin your product research, keep in mind that a top seller on Amazon’s US marketplace does not necessarily imply a top seller on Amazon India. When compared to other marketplaces, the demand for different products is unique.

You might begin by selling simply one thing. However, if you want to make serious money on Amazon, you’ll need to diversify your portfolio and sell various items. Examine the market to determine what works and what doesn’t. Then, with solid product research, jump on the bandwagon. To sell on Amazon, you must first have access to Amazon Seller Central.

To register, follow these steps:

  • You must have a current bank account.
  • Keep your business’s GST/PAN details on hand.

How to register on Amazon seller central platform?

When you register on Amazon’s seller central platform, you’ll follow the following procedures.

  • Click on ‘Start Selling’ at
  • You can log in with the same credentials you used to create your Amazon account or click on ‘Create your Amazon account’ if you don’t have one.
  • During the account creation procedure, you must fill in the essential information.
  • On your GST, write your firm name or the registered name. Accept the terms of the agreement.
  • Complete the verification procedure by entering your mobile phone number.
  • Your ‘Store name,’ ‘Amazon Product Category,’ and address must now be entered.
  • Activate or deactivate the Whatsapp notification service and provide the necessary information.
  • It will take some time for Amazon to verify your information.