5 Things To Consider Before Getting Pre-Sale Home Valuation

Advance Planning Can Help First Time Home Buyers Avoid Frustration

There is no second opinion that property is the major asset we own, therefore, it makes sense to get the most out of what we have. Home Valuation is an effective way to grasp an understanding on the fact that how much your property is worth. It is imperative to get the most out of property.

If you are planning to sell out your property, then it is highly recommended to get a professional estimate regarding its worth. 

Here, we’ve listed 5 major things one must consider to get the most out of the valuation. Let’s have a look. 

  1. Do your homework

Before a professional agent visits the property to carry out the home valuation process, you are advised to perform a bit of investigation work. One can check the websites to know about the sale price of the property that recently sold in your neighborhood. 

You can easily get these details from the online registry where such information is updated regularly. 

  • Preparation is the key

Don’t just rely on the agent who evaluates your property’s worth and get ready with the list of questions you wish to ask the estate agent. If you have made recent modifications to your property, let the property valuer know about the same so the quotation is being made accordingly. 

  • Shop around

Always choose the best estate agent whom you can trust. Make sure that they justify the valuation without making any further excuses. Never get tempted by the estate agent who is over-valuing your property as, in the real world, his valuation makes no sense. Go for the one who is professional, experienced, and active in the local market. 

Make research, shop around, select the estate agent with an excellent track record for selling properties at a great price in the least possible time. 

  • Don’t overlook the exterior of the property

People often neglect the outer portion of their property thinking that it has no role in home valuation but this is not true. The exterior plays a significant role and leaves the first impression that a potential buyer will get of your property and thus it can’t be overlooked anyhow. 

Spend a bit of extra cash to splash on infusing some designer features to your home and get the most out of a home valuation. 

  • Be Realistic

Every owner wants the highest possible valuation of his property and to achieve this objective, they take every possible step. However, the estate agent will do the home valuation according to the current market condition and therefore, one must be ready for the same. Be realistic about the worth of your property and don’t over-expect. If you are not satisfied with the valuation made by the agent, then ask him to explain their rationale. 

To Sum Up

Whatever your budget is, locking down the best valuation report of your property is not as hard as it sounds. Do your homework and get yourself a heft amount of equity you are looking forward to. 

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