Advantages of laminate flooring

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Have you ever wondered why laminate flooring is one of the top selling floors today? It is mostly because of the benefits of it. This flooring is the best all-encompassing package for your floor and perfect for anyone who wants low maintenance flooring. Here are some impressive benefits of having this type of flooring.

Extremely durable

Laminate floor is protected by a hard external layer and resin coating. A laminate floor is much stronger and more scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and long lasting than other hardwood, vinyl, or carpet. It is virtually resistant to pets and even high heels.

Maintenance and Stain-resistant

Most of the laminate floor manufacturers offer vast warranty protection against stains and moisture damage. These floors are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or broom and need a slightly damp mop or a laminate floor cleaner. Floor waxing is always not necessary for laminate floors. Just avoid excessive water when mopping which could seep into the seams between boards, causing swelling.

The wear layer of the laminate floor is really tough, making the cleanup and maintenance easy.


Not only is laminate flooring less expensive than other hard surface floors, but also it is durable and long lasting. It is particularly an economical choice.

Virtually customized style

All of the laminate floorings have a core layer topped by the image layer into which digitally enhanced photos of natural materials are embedded, mimicking everything from exotic hardwoods to natural stone. It has a variety of colors and lengths. These textures can even be embossed to give the flooring a realistic feel.

Affordable than wood

This type of flooring can be bought for about half the price of wood flooring: however, you’ll find a variety of quality. Few of them look more realistic than others and some are less substantial when it comes to the thickness of the layers. This makes them more likely to wear out sooner than other high-quality products.


Lightweight laminate flooring is installed on a thin foam cushion underlayment, making it good for installations over existing flooring options with the exception of a carpet and eliminating the need for tear-out.

Range of styles is available

As many laminate floors replicate the authentic look of hardwood or stone, the other possibilities for new styles and colors are always available. Different color tones and patterns allow you to match the floor with the exact style of your room, be it rich, elegant, or contemporary.

Laminate flooring is made by using a high-definition printer which creates more or less any realistic design you can ask for. From hardwood designs to tile decor, every laminate is available in a range of colors, styles, and a variety of textures too.

Environmentally Friendly

Laminate is made with wood, meaning it can be recycled as well. If you want to customize or completely change your design, you just uninstall your laminate flooring and reinstall it in another room or a new home. The installation of lock planks creates an easily reusable product.

Flooring manufacturers of laminate also have environmentally friendly practices that facilitate the protection of the environment and forests which include recycled wood materials in the planks. Having less trash and waste, this flooring is an eco-friendly floor option.

Long-Term Flooring Warranties

All manufacturers of laminate provide some type of warranty. Warranty depends upon the product. You can get longer warranties, all the way up to lifetime, or shorter warranty covering a few months. With this much protection on your upcoming investment, you are covered with manufacturer defects of the products.

Easily adapts to sub-flooring

Another huge advantage of laminate flooring is that it does not adhere to subflooring which is good for those who are concerned about the installation of the laminate over the type of flooring they have.

The flooring is extremely adaptable and simply lays on top of the flooring or subflooring already installed. Hence, as long as it is leveled, clean, and dry it does not matter what type of laminate you would prefer, it will install and co-exist with your current flooring too.