Building a Granny Flat ADU

Granny flats are becoming more and more popular in the San Jose area with a wide variety of people that are taking advantage of them. Granny flats are specifically designed for older people, but they actually can work for anyone of any age, should you feel the need to add one to your property. What exactly is a granny flat, though? How do they help you and your family? What does it take to get one built? Let’s take a look at exactly what you need to know to build a granny flat that works for your family.

What is a Granny Flat

A granny flat is a small ADU that is designed like a house. It usually has a bathroom, a kitchen, a living area, and a bedroom. Granny flat ADUs in San Jose are designed with comfort in mind. Granny flats are available to everyone, not just the elderly, and can be incredibly useful for any member of the family. How exactly do granny flats help families, though?

How Granny Flats Help Families

Granny flats help family members take on the responsibility of having other members close without imposing upon those other members. In short, it allows a family member to live closer to you while also maintaining their own independence. Each granny flat has plenty of privacy and allows people to live their own lives while being close enough to their families to ensure that they’re safe. Granny flats are also excellent for people who want to stay close to their families but also want their own private home.

What Building a Granny Flat Takes

Granny flats, like every other ADU, can be a bit costly. With a standard cost of 150 to 300 dollars per square foot, it can get expensive quickly. Thankfully there are different types of loans available that can help reduce the cost of granny flats. On top of that, if you’re trying to do it yourself, you can expect to take a lot of time and effort. There is a risk of injury, and you have to follow different building codes. On the other hand, you can just reach out to us at Acton ADU to help you build your granny flat quickly and efficiently. We have several years of experience building ADUs and know exactly how to get them up legally in a safe manner.

It doesn’t matter why you want to build a granny flat the ins and outs of building a granny flat can be incredibly beneficial to everyone involved. Any member of the family can use a granny flat, helping people stay close to their family without having to give up their freedom. If you’re looking to put a granny flat on your property for your family members, feel free to reach out to us today! Acton ADU believes in using the highest quality materials while doing the best job we can. Your granny flat is waiting for you, so don’t wait to reach out today!