Buying Property in Malta

Why would you buy property in Malta? Let us give you some insights for finding the best properties for sale in malta!

Firstly, you will be investing in a solid deal, and you will have a wide choice on property that offers reasonable prices. In Malta, there is a steady development of state-of-the-art buildings, and a bonus is that it is likely that you will find prices according to your budget.

Buying property in Malta as a foreigner (2021 guide) - Wise, formerly  TransferWise

Malta’s real estate market through times of crisis, in any event, fluctuated slightly, but overall, the percentages remained stable. There are countries within the European Union, who are still recovering from the real estate decline a couple of years ago. Again, with the pandemic, a change in supply and demand becomes inevitable. Nevertheless, Malta was affected moderately. A crisis such as this one, was needed in terms of balancing previous price inflations. Even after this strike, unemployment rates will fall back to around 4.5%, as the government is doing its utmost to keep its economy on track.

If you had to choose to buy an apartment in Malta, you would have the advantage of becoming a permanent resident. The Global Residency Programme will allow you to gain further benefits on its behalf. Malta’s current trend is to build block apartments, and this is due to the high demand from both expats and locals. The Planning Authority is consistently aiming to build smaller, cosier apartments that will benefit first-time buyers. An array of these purposely built buildings are such as that of the properties at Portomaso Marina, Tigne Point and Pender Gardens. Some of these apartments offer condominium-like features with luxurious common areas to provide pool sides or gyms.

RE/MAX’s real estate agency will ensure that both buyers and sellers are aware of any up-to-date information. They are a qualified team of experienced associates who believe in giving outstanding, clientele service. We will guide you in making the best, well informed decision!