Call Us for Garage Epoxy Coating

As time passes, your garage floor can become damaged. The damage can seem minimal at first, but you’ll notice it when the floor starts becoming chipped and cracked. You will begin walking through concrete dust and tracking it into the house. The hot tires of your car in the summer and the salt in the winter can harm the floor quite a bit. With the latest in garage epoxy coating, your garage floor will look outstanding again very soon.

Your painted floor will help you keep your garage cleaner than in the past. You will be able to go into and out of the garage without worrying about stepping on crumbling concrete. Your house will also stay cleaner since you won’t track in dirt from the garage.

With a painted epoxy floor, you can showcase your custom car or hot rod. The garage becomes a showroom instead of just a dirty, greasy shop. Invite friends and family over for a day of working on the car together and enjoying the day in comfortable chairs on the painted floor of your garage.

We usually recommend epoxy coatings for garage floors. Staining concrete doesn’t really protect your garage floor very much. It might look nice at first, but it won’t keep the concrete safe from the work you do on your cars in the garage or from driving on it.

Simply painting your floor will save you money, but it’s also not as effective over the long-term as using epoxy. Epoxy coating provides the best in performance of any kind of coating, and it looks great on any garage floor.

Before we apply an epoxy coating, we use a diamond grinder to sand the floor. This uncovers a layer of porous concrete that allows the epoxy to stick to the floor securely. It promotes a mechanical bind that helps stop car tires from lifting the coating. When you drive into the garage, you won’t have to worry about the car loosening the epoxy.

Each of our technicians knows how to apply many kinds of garage floor coating systems, and they have years of experience doing so. They use the latest in products and techniques, and your floor will look terrific when they finish. It will be able to withstand all of the daily activities that take place in your garage. Call us for an estimate for a garage epoxy coating. This coating will keep your floor looking great and protected from degradation over time.