Designing Your Living Room: What’s Your Style?

In every home, the living room plays a key role. It is the room where you entertain guests, hang out with your family, lounge about in your pyjamas, have family movie nights, play with your kids and plenty more. Unlike other rooms in your house, the living room has many roles to fulfil. So it is essential to remember these roles when you go about designing your living room. There are so many modern living room ideas; it is easy to feel lost. With these easy steps, you will not feel intimidated as you get ready to design your living room with the perfect Wakefit furniture to make it picture-perfect and comfortable at the same time.

  • Living Room Measurements

The first step in designing any room is taking measurements. Accurate measurements make it easier to find living room furniture accessories that fit in your room. While taking the measurement, pay extra attention to walls with doors, windows, fireplaces, etc. It is always a good idea to take your measurements twice to prevent ordering incorrect size furniture.

  • Living Room Layout

Once you have all the measurements noted down, the next step is picturing the layout. You can take the help of an interior designer or architect for this step or do it yourself. A layout is a flat lay of your living room to help you decide which piece of furniture goes where. Finalising a layout also enables you to determine which furniture pieces you need to add to your list. Sometimes, you may need to play around with a few different layout ideas to come up with the perfect one finally. You can also turn to the internet for layout inspirations. You can also use specially designed software to create a layout of your living room.

  • Living Room Style

You have reached the trickiest step in creating your living room design. Deciding on a living room style involves choosing between contemporary, modern, formal, casual, relaxed, war, vintage or farmhouse. Picking a style makes it a lot easier to choose furniture and other accessories for the room. If you aren’t sure how to pick a style, try focusing on the living room’s purpose. For example, is it a room where you primarily plan to entertain guests? If the answer is yes, you would be satisfied with a formal living room arrangement. Or, if you plan on spending time watching TV in the living room, you may prefer a relaxed living room style that includes a comfy sectional sofa. So have a good hard thinking session on what you expect from your living room and proceed from there.

  • Picking A Sofa

The main element in a living room is the seating space. Picking out a sofa helps the other pieces fall in place. The secret to designing the perfect living room is finding a sofa that will become the room’s focal point. Before you set out sofa shopping, remember the living room style you have decided upon, as well as the functionality of the room. Additional factors like lifestyle, pets, children also play a key role in the sofa you ultimately choose.

  • Picking A Coffee Table

After you have picked out a sofa and other additional seating alternatives like a love chair, an armchair, it is time to turn your attention to coffee tables. Coffee tables are handy to place things within easy reach of your sofa. You can serve your guests beverages and snacks on the coffee table, use it for placing your TV remotes, coffee table books and favourite magazines. Coffee tables come in different shapes and sizes. Wakefit offers plenty of classy looking coffee tables at affordable prices. You can choose one based on your living room layout, living room style and personal preference.

  • Picking An Area Rug

An area rug is the perfect element to add warmth to your living room. However, it needs to be big enough to fit underneath the furniture in your living room. According to interior designing experts, the area rug needs to be around twenty to thirty inches away from the room walls. You can also opt for smaller rugs that go underneath the coffee table. Layering rugs is a new trend that has become popular recently. It involves layering rugs of different shapes and textures to create an interesting living room space.

  • Living Room Lighting

In order to have a well put together living room space, you need to include three types of lighting, namely, ambient, accent and task. This is usually done by a mix of overhead chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces. Play around with the pieces you already have on hand before heading out to buy new lighting fixtures. For example, a statement lamp next to a chair or a side table is an interesting way of adding accent light to the living room.

  • Living Room Colour Palette

While picking a colour palette for your living room, remember key factors like the overall aesthetic of your home and furniture choices. You can try mixing colours, styles and patterns to create a style that you are satisfied with. Some people try to keep the colour palette neutral with an additional accent colour. The choice is yours.

  • Living Room Accessories

Once you have the essential furniture out of the way, it is time to consider the different art and wall accessories you would like to see in your living room. Wall art helps prevent a wall from looking empty. Some popular living room accessories are pillows, mirrors, blankets, sculptures, a designer coffee table, etc. Pick the ones that gel with the furniture displayed in the living room.

As long as the art and accessories match the overall theme of your living room, you can take your pick. Remember not to overcrowd your room with accessories as it will wind up making your living room look cluttered. Creating your living room is a fun task where you get to display your taste and style. So go on, put your creativity at work and design a perfect living room. Before you start to renovate your living room, be sure to look of for the top interior design firm like AC Vision that offers packages such as