Dryer Vent Inspection When Buying A Home: Here Are Some Things To Consider

Some new homeowners or those who are shopping for homes might not think about contacting a dryer vent cleaning company because their homes have already been inspected prior to their purchase. This can be a risky move. Below are things you need to think about regarding the dryer vent of any property you are looking to buy.

It is not really inspected

While you may have someone assessing the fair market value of your intended property purchase, the inspection is pretty superficial when it comes to dryer vents. The inspector will most likely only check if the vents are working or not. After that, they will move on to other aspects of the property. They will have no inkling as to how much lint has built up in the dryer vent and how much this build-up would inconvenience the next inhabitants of the property.

Build-up can be a fire hazard

It’s highly possible for lint build-up to be a cause of fires if you let them stay there for a long time. They are combustible because they’re fibers and the heat from the dryer can ignite the fire. It’s a sure recipe for disaster, just like kitchen vents with too much oil on it. Amazingly, you will see homes with highly neglected dryer vents that needed cleaning some 10 years ago.

Vents were never cleaned

You certainly need to call a dryer vent cleaning company if your vents have never been cleaned and the old owner has lived there for an amazing length of time. There are some homeowners who live in their properties never knowing they need to clean their home’s vents. Some go on for 15 years without cleaning them. This can be highly dangerous for you and your family because not only will the lint cause fires–it can also trigger allergies, be home to bacteria, etc.

Having the vents cleaned is easy

Calling a dryer vent cleaning company is easy. Some even offer free diagnosis before the actual work and in most cases, the job can be completed in a few hours. The cost of the service is also very reasonable. Professional fees for these sorts of jobs are not exorbitant. Some property owners and managers are just not informed that they need to have their vents cleaned in the first place.

Should you purchase properties with dirty vents?

If you are prepared to call in professionals to clean dryer vents, then clogged or dirty dryer vents should not be a problem. At the very most, the cleaning job will be done in a few hours. The best teams have efficient equipment that can do this quickly. You could even have your vents checked and maintained regularly from this point on.

Is vent maintenance necessary?

The vents of your home make sure that the air circulation is efficient. If you do not pay attention to your vents, you do not only compromise the safety of your family but also their health. Vent cleaning jobs might cost you more at face value but imagine the hospital bills you will be dodging because your family members are breathing fresh, healthy air.

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