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Hundreds of land listings and rural property for sale in Mississippi’s Delta region, including farms, ranches, land for homesites, land auctions, and more, are featured on LandWatch. According to LandWatch data, Mississippi’s Delta region has the second-highest number of acres for sale in the state. According to internal statistics, in the Delta region of Mississippi, there are currently over $180 million in land listings and ranches for sale. There are 73,972 acres of land and another rural acreage for sale in the region represented by these land listings. Land and farms for sale in this area average $545,022. You may also use LandWatch to identify local real estate brokers in the Delta region of Mississippi who specialize in land and rural retreats. You can learn about FSBO Land.

Yazoo County is located in the Mississippi Delta’s southeastern area. It gets its name from the Yazoo River, named after a Native American phrase that means “River of Death.” By land area, the county is the largest in Mississippi. The county’s only city, Yazoo City, also serves as the county seat. A charming town center with historic buildings and museums and distinctive shops and restaurants can be found in Yazoo City. In the southern portion of the county, the village of Bentonia, Mississippi’s oldest juke joint, is still open for business.

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Wolf Lake is an 18,000-acre body of water with a public boat launch, excellent fishing, and outstanding water-skiing and wake-boarding conditions. Fishing, hunting, paddle boating, nature gazing, bird watching, and other activities are available at Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Yazoo County. Leflore County is located in the Mississippi Delta’s northeastern corner. Greenwood is the county seat and the principal city in the county; Itta Bena is also a city. Greenwood LeFlore, a Choctaw leader, made a deal with the United States in which he agreed to give up his people’s land in exchange for land in Native American territory. The Yazoo River forms the county’s southern border. Before the Civil War, riverfront land was used to grow cotton.

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The area is still primarily rural. Agricultural technology limited the number of employment available for many workers in the twentieth century, leading the population to fall as people fled to seek work elsewhere. The Mathews Brake Wildlife Refuge, part of the Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge, is located in this county. Mississippi Valley State University is located in Itta Bena, in Leflore County. Holmes County is located in the Mississippi Delta’s eastern portion. The Yazoo River constitutes its western border, while the Big Black River forms its eastern border. David Holmes, the territorial governor and the first governor of Mississippi was honored with the county’s name. The county seat is Lexington, while another city in the county is Durant. Morgan Brake National Wildlife Refuge and portions of Hillside National Wildlife Refuge, Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge, and Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge are all located in the county. Holmes County is still predominantly rural, with a few self-sufficient farmers. The history of the county in the Civil Rights Movement is well-known.