Essential Moving Tricks Everyone Must Know

Now with these tricks in moving, you will be able to complement your preparation to face the moves successfully. To protect porcelain or decorative plates you can use plastic plates to put between plates. That is, you can put a plastic (disposable) plate above and below the plate to be protected. With this trick for moving you can protect the dishes during the move.

Protection of Fragile Items

To protect fragile items, you can place them between clothes and towels. With this trick you can make the most of the space and also protect fragile items such as figurines or other things.

  • When you go to transport a piece of furniture, remove the drawers and transport them separately. By removing the drawers we will make the furniture much lighter and easier to move.
  • When you remove the drawers of the furniture, take advantage of and transport all the drawers with the content and thus you will avoid using more boxes.

Fragile items and furnishings are notoriously difficult to pack and move items. Check out the infographic below for tips on how to move these, and more!

Colorado Springs apartment movers

Infographic provided by iHaul iMove, Colorado Springs apartment movers

Use bags and backpacks to transport things

When moving, the boxes are always insufficient and anything is very useful to transport other things. The most important thing is to classify our belongings to know what to put in each place. For example, a bag can be very useful to carry socks or stockings (things that fit very well and do not weigh much).

Leave a backpack or bag with the most necessary

This advice has already been recalled in other posts, but it is very important and that is why we emphasize it. It is very useful to leave the toiletry bag and essential things at hand and, in addition, to know at all times where it is because it will take several days to organize everything.

Protect bottles with liquids to prevent leaks. We usually put a seal on the lid to prevent the lid from coming off and staining other things. You have to be especially careful with corrosive liquids, such as bleach or salfumán.

Use old sheets to wrap your furniture to prevent scratches during transport. It is very common for furniture to get scratched when trying to get it out the door or when transporting it in the van.

If you disassemble a piece of furniture, be careful to keep all the screws in a small bag and tape them somewhere on the same. In this way you will prevent them from being lost during transport.


Use oversized garbage bags to wrap all your clothes on hangers so you can easily transport them without staining. We usually put the bags on the bed and throw the clothes on top (always with the precaution that they are stretched). Then we wrap the bag around the clothes and finally tape it to prevent the bag from falling off.