Factors to consider when choosing the floor paints

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The floor is the space of the house that is used the most. And deciding on the right type of floor paint and sealant is a difficult task, especially when there is huge traffic using the same space several times a day. For a prolonged resistance and to keep the floor look neat and stylish every day, one needs to select the paint very carefully. Here is a brief guide on how to choose the right floor paint for your home.

To ensure the success of the task, you need to do thorough research on the different types of paints available in the market. You can also talk to the established paint distributor before you decide to buy floor paint, be it for industrial, commercial or domestic applications.

Ensure that you evaluate the condition and the material of the flooring and then decide on the paint to be used.

Check for the needs of the floor – be it commercial or residential. Also, check the attention it requires for the various activities that are carried out in the space.

Ensure that you have proper planning for how the floor space would be used for a new build floor. This helps in deciding on the right type of paint to be used. For instance, the space with more traffic will be susceptible to dirt and dust.

The old or renovated floor should be analysed carefully for any damages such as stains, dampness, leaks, cracks and joints. These damages should be fixed before painting to ensure a better finish.

Never apply paint to floors with more than 4% moisture.

Also, ensure to give 28 days’ duration for the newly constructed floor concrete to get settled completely.

On a concrete floor, ensure to level the surface but leave the pores open.

Treat the visible crack and roughness with fine mortar on the concrete floor

Before starting the painting of the floor, always pressure was the floor to remove the stains and traces of dust.  This helps in better adhesion of the paint to the floor surface.

Make sure to apply a primer to help better bonding of the paint to the floor.

Floor colours– There is a range of paint colours available in the market that you can choose from. Choose the colour that complements the theme of the room.

For concrete floors, epoxy paints are the best.  For garage flooring, try using specially designed garage floor paints.

Anti-slip floor paints, line marking paints, floor sealer, primers and industrial floor paints are also available for functional use based on the requirement. Hence it is vital to select the paint based on the need and how the floor would be used.