Factors to Consider When Comparing Different Metal Roof Designs

Metal roofs are a good alternative to asphalt, concrete tiles, and slate roofs. The following are the factors that will guide you when comparing different metal roof designs for your home.

Type of material

Your choice of material directly affects the cost of acquisition, installation, maintenance, and the practicability of installing extra features such as a roofing skylight, says Metal Architecture. You can choose between aluminum, galvanized steel, galvalume steel, copper, rolled zinc, titanium, stainless steel, and terne-coated stainless.

Do you know these types of roofing panels?

Metal roofs have different design panels. R-panel metal roofs are best used for a flat roofing structure. Corrugated metal roof panels are best for sloping roofing structures and they allow for easy installation for roofing skylights. Standing seam panels are tightly constructed, making them the preferred choice for windy areas. They also have a superior interlocking capability that provides a water-tight roofing system. If you are not sure which panel to choose when comparing different metal roof designs, let a qualified contractor handle your new roof installation in Brentwood CA.

Can you afford it?

The availability of funds determines your choice of metal roofing design. R-panel roofs are the most affordable as the installation and labor costs are low. Corrugated panels are slightly more expensive, especially those that are galvanized. They also offer a good return on investment as they can last longer than R-panels. Standing seams are pricier than the rest, mostly because they offer unbeatable resistance to water, even during heavy storms.


The maintenance costs of the choice of your metal roof design is relative to its material. Copper and galvalume steel are light materials which are susceptible to bending. Galvanized steel on the other hand, has a shorter lifespan compared to other metals. It requires regular painting to resist rust. Ultimately, your roofing contractor will break down for you any maintenance costs before you settle for a metal roof design of your choice.