Highlights on Choice Of Bathroom

Having become a space of pleasure and well-being, the bathroom is an essential part of the house. It is a place of life which, today, attracts all the attention to remain a cocooning space always to your taste.

So, are you more like a bathtub or a shower? Towel dryer or radiator? Rain-shower or massage jets? Single or double sink. Here are some ideas for a bathroom that suits you.

Shower Or Bathtub?

The bathtub is a paradise for children, and the shower is a paradise for parents.

Choosing a bathtub means making sure you spend some time playing for the children and relaxing for the parents. You can choose it according to its size to save space or its nature from offering you a real little jacuzzi in your home.Showering means speed, water savings, or even a more energetic wake-up call. sThe current showers are customizable like the Formica Colorcore, ranging from the ‘cabin’ shower to the Italian shower via the hydro-massage jets; there will necessarily be a model to please you.

Rain-Shower Or Classic Showerhead?

The rain-shower has a large shower head that reproduces the falling rain, for a relaxing and soothing effect. Its advantage is to offer an exceptional shower experience.

The traditional hand shower offers a more versatile bath: adaptability to your size, more powerful jet thanks to its different functions: classic jet, hydro massage jet, main jet, etc.

If you can’t decide, some sets include both!

Single Or Double Sink?

The simple sink saves space in a small bathroom. It is also perfect for children who do not have much to ask. Inwood, stoneware, resin, Formica DecoMetal, or even porcelain, there is something for all tastes and all budgets!

The double sink is recommended in the parents’ bathroom because it allows you to have your environment and avoid the quarrels of time and space allocated to each. It takes, of course more space, but it is also more practical because it has more storage space with more drawers.