Hiring a Landscaper


Spring is in the air and it is about time to get your yard green and growing again. When it comes to hiring a landscaper, there are many things to consider.

  1. Most people are on a budget, so being sure that the cost is where you want it is crucial to consider before you hire and have the work done. Making sure you can pay for the project is important because payment is typically asked for before starting.
  2. Helping them understand what you want. It would really be a bummer to have a ton of work done just to find that it wasn’t what you wanted. If you are having work done to your home, make sure that you have a clear vision of what you want. It will make it much less confusing to try to explain to the contractor.
  3. Where do they get their products? Being sure that you are getting locally sourced vegetation is important. Bringing in plants that don’t belong can have many problems including foreign vegetation taking over and foreign vegetation not being able to survive. Foreign vegetation can come in and consume the environment if it isn’t maintained properly. And on the other hand, foreign vegetation can not survive and be a total waste of money. So making sure that they know their product is good in making landscaping decisions.
  4. What if there’s a problem? Sometimes plants don’t like where they are planted. Plants growing depends on the environment and the care. So if things start going south, who should you call for help? Having good maintenance and issue numbers is crucial. Because no matter how good the landscaper, at some point there is likely to be problems.
  5. Aftercare. It is crucial to understand how to care for your vegetation after it is planted and growing. This way you can keep it healthy and strong, or pay someone to do it.
  6. How long is it going to take to install it? Having a project done early enough in the season so that you can enjoy your new yard is part of spending the money on a nice yard.
  7. Will it be long term? Planting grass and perennial trees and shrubs is something that is expensive and that most people want to last a long time. So make sure you are choosing the right landscaping for a long term look.
  8. Can I add structures and lighting? Often times when we think of landscapers we think of planting plants and laying sod. However, it is not uncommon for landscape design services in Fort Worth to do every piece of the outdoor look. Make sure the contractors you hire can do everything that you are looking for.
  9. How involved in the process will I be? Most people want to be pretty heavily involved in ensuring that their yard looks as nice as possible. So knowing how much you needed to be involved is very important. Along with that, some people don’t want to hardly be involved at all. This is fine too. Just knowing what involvement is needed from you is important before starting the process.
  10. Who is in the crew? The crew members are going to be around and possibly in your home. Knowing who is in the crew can be very important for homeowners. Background checked employees and hard workers are typically on a homeowners wish list.


Getting work done in your yard requires some big decisions. There are many things to consider before the process can start. Consider asking these ten questions to your potential landscaper.