Home design 101: Calculating the cost of a modular kitchen

Most of us have marveled at the beauty and appeal of luxe modular kitchens. A modular kitchen is designed and made in a factory, and later, installers will get it ready for your home. It’s a common myth that modular kitchens have to be super expensive. In fact, if you have the measurements and know what you need, you can use a simple modular kitchen cost calculator, to find a design that fits your budget. What influences the price of a modular kitchen? In this post, we discuss the best ideas for every homeowner.

The layout

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can choose between straight, parallel, L-shaped and U-shaped designs. Keep in mind that the layout is also dependent on the size of the kitchen. U-shaped and L-shaped modular kitchens often need more cabinetry work, and hence, the prices can vary largely. If you are requirements are pretty basic, you can go for a standard or parallel kitchen.

Materials for cabinets and shutters

Engineered wood and plywood are two most commonly used materials for shutters ad cabinets. Cheap MDF cannot hold weight and will have to be replaced in the next five to seven years. Go for moisture resistant materials if you can, which are designed to withstand moisture and splashes. Talk to the installer to know on the pricing.


Countertops and worktops may not be a part of the modular kitchen setup. You have to do your homework when it comes to selecting between materials. White marble, for instance, is aesthetically pleasing, but not a great choice for most homes, as it is prone to staining. Similarly, you may want to avoid materials that need more maintenance.


Built-in appliances, like hobs, chimneys, microwave, ovens, are usually more expensive. You are the best judge when it comes to deciding if you want these as a part of the modular kitchen setup. The advantage is aesthetic appeal and a uniform look, whereas you will have to pay more in upfront costs.

Faucets and electrical fittings

Installers can include electrical fittings, sink, faucets as a part of the design, and you can choose to go for a price accordingly. You can always choose to shop for these accessories, but the best idea is to get estimates for these inclusions and decide accordingly.


If you need many pull-out drawers, organizers, and storage cabins, you may need to expand your budget for the modular kitchen. Installation services will show all the relevant options, and depending on what you select, the final price will be decided.

Talk to a known installer today and share the needs of your modular kitchen. We promise you wouldn’t mind spending a tad more for the right features.