How to choose a latex mattress? Your Options

The latex designation is highly regulated to have the name “latex”, it is necessary that the “soul or heart of the mattress” in latex of the mattress has a minimum thickness of 10 cm to have the name “100% latex”, it is necessary that the “soul” is composed entirely of latex and that it has a minimum thickness of 10 cm.

To choose a latex mattress, you must also look at the density of the latex. We measure this in kg / mᶟ, and the values ​​are generally between 63 and 90 kg / mᶟ. The higher the density, the longer the lifespan of the mattress, and the mattress is generally firmer (not systematically, however). Always check the firmness index which suits you best according to your weight and size, it is essential. With the latex hybrid mattress you can find the best options now.

The thickness of the mattress is just as important

  • The thicker the mattress, the greater the comfort and the longer the life of the mattress.
  • It offers latex mattresses with a thickness ranging from 12 cm to 27 cm.

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What are the advantages of latex?

Latex mattresses are known for their flexibility and elasticity.

Here are the main advantages of latex:

Longevity: if the mattress is properly maintained, and regularly turned over, it will keep its elasticity for ten years. This is the main advantage of latex

Comfort: they are known to be the most comfortable of all mattresses. They adapt very easily to different morphologies

Aeration: the latex alveoli provide great natural aeration. It is perfect for people who sweat a lot at night. The ventilation created by the cells avoids retaining moisture. The ventilation created by the perforations in the heart of the mattress allows good evacuation of the moisture released by the body.

Hypoallergenic: Latex is a recommended material for allergy sufferers

The foam mattress is very sensitive to humidity, so avoid placing it on the floor because air circulation is essential. Don’t hesitate to come and watch the video on foam mattresses or to contact us with any questions. If you want to know more about latex mattresses, watch our video on latex mattresses.

Finding the mattress of your dreams is easy! Should we prefer a spring mattress, latex, foam or even wool? What importance should be given to suspension and upholstery? Between criteria to be taken into account and advice from bedding experts, here are the 4 rules to follow to choose your mattress and change your life at night.


Waking up in great shape starts with a good mattress. If the quality of sleep depends on the quality of the mattress, the quality of the mattress depends on its manufacture. Spring mattresses, foam, latex or even wool mattresses, which technology to prefer and how to navigate it? With these expert bedding tips and these 4 rules to follow to choose the right mattress, sleeping well is no longer a dream.