How to Turn a Conservatory into a Playroom

Would you like to expand your family’s living space? If you want to keep your kids happy, consider setting up a separate playroom so their beloved toys don’t take over the dining or living rooms (or the entire house, for that matter).

What’s the best part? The cost of a conservatory can be much lower than that of an extension, and it can be built much faster. It can also be used as a great all-season playroom at a much lower cost.

Here is how to guide to create a conservatory playroom, from the practical elements to the decor inspiration you need to consider.

Converting your conservatory into a playroom: things to consider

If you’re thinking of installing a new or repurposing an existing conservatory as a playroom, you should keep these considerations in mind:

A durable floor

You need flooring that is sturdy enough to withstand kids running around on it all day. Choosing the right material for your home can be challenging, but cork can be a great choice. It is a durable material, soft and has good thermal properties. Porcelain tiles can also be a good choice – just make sure they are non-slip.

Consider carefully what colour to choose if you prefer carpet. Beige is not a particularly exciting color, but it hides stains better than white, for example. A conservatory playroom with carpet might be a better choice than one with hard floors in the winter.

Marble can be easily damaged or marked, so it’s not the best choice for a space that will encounter spills and messes. You can extend the life of your flooring by using a cheap, protective rug that you can change if necessary.

Organizing children’s toys

When toys are not in use, put them in baskets or boxes so your playroom doesn’t get cluttered. You can easily tidy them away, and they’re very versatile. Moreover, keeping toys, books, and games out of sight will prevent them from fading and discoloring over time due to sunlight.

Children’s safety

Your conservatory playroom needs to be a safe place for your children. Keep loose wires and leads out of reach and away from traffic. Make sure bookcases or shelves are securely attached to the wall so they cannot fall or be pulled over.

Last but not least, keep an eye out for sharp corners and edges on tables and chairs – corner protectors can prevent accidents from occurring.

Wipeable surfaces

Children sometimes make messes and spills that can’t be avoided. Consider this when choosing your conservatory playroom’s surfaces. Fabrics and materials that are porous or absorbent can be harder to clean, while plastics and leather are relatively easy to wipe down. Fabrics and materials that are porous or absorbent may also bleed.

Ideas for decorating a conservatory playroom

Do you need some inspiration for designing a conservatory playroom? Here are some ideas and themes to get you started:

Modern neutrals

Conservatory playrooms look great with simple furniture and storage solutions in beige, grey, and brown. Furthermore, the earthy colors help hide stains and scuffs.

Bright and bold

Make your playroom pop with bright colors and patterns. Your kids will love the look, and you’ll liven up the space quickly and easily.

Taking in the great outdoors

Your conservatory’s garden views can be enhanced with indoor plants, wooden furniture, and wicker baskets.