Portland Cement Types

When talking about good cements, it is inevitable not to talk about Portland Cement Type 1 because for various reasons it is one of the best, and the one that is useful, adequate and with the necessary quality for various construction jobs, makes it one of the favorites and especially widely used by masons and builders.

Portland Cement Type 1 is one of the types of cement that exists in the market, you can also get Type 2, Type 3, 4 and Type 5; and although each of these has very varied characteristics, type 1 is the most used and here you will know why.

Learn A Little More About Portland Cement Type 1

This type of cement is one of the hydraulic class, so it is clear that its use is very frequent; The mixture that is achieved with this cement is highly workable and, above all, durable and resistant , something that is undoubtedly a very sought after feature in the construction work, being so important that the setting process is fast and of quality.

For this reason, Portland Type 1 Cement is one of the best known, not only is it the most manageable, but also with its use it achieves very good results with great resistance, and that makes it one of the favorites. In addition, its use is ideal for any civil engineering work, so builders always take it into account for almost any type of work.

A Class Of Portland Cement With Varied Uses

Just as Cement Type 2, 3, 4 and 5 have their very specific uses, Portland Type 1 cement is special for certain types of applications , such as pavement, floors, cement gravels, concrete works, concrete slabs, columns, laundry rooms, stairs and others. It is also in making quality bricks, hence the hike in aerated concrete price (ราคา อิฐมวลเบา ,which is the term in Thai)

The fact that it is suitable for a variety of structural applications makes it essential to have it, and you will not regret using it for the good results obtained , it is undoubtedly one of the best achieved in the market.