Rubber Speed Bumps Or Reducer: What You Should Know

The rubber speed reducer or speed bumps Washington has the function of speed bump for internal parking lots, where it acts to reduce the speed of cars due to factors such as the size of the parking lots and the passage of pedestrians. The rubber speed reducer is composed of a material called ethyl vinyl acetate, known as EVA.

EVA is important in the elaboration of the rubber speed reducer, as it has intense colors – black and yellow –, which increases visibility for drivers and offers lightness and high impact resistance.

For use in the development of a rubber speed reducer, the EVA must be extra hard and because of this composition the reducer does not cause damage by impacts when there are cars passing over the reducer. In other words, the impact caused by the car tire does not harm the vehicles or the gearbox, as EVA is a material that is highly resistant to wear.

The Importance Of The Rubber Speed Reducer

There are establishments used as parking lots where it is not possible to drill holes in the floor due to waterproofing. In places like this, the use of the rubber speed reducer is highly recommended, since its installation is done through a simple and resistant fixation, without the need to drill the ground.

Advantages Of The Rubber Speed Reducer

In addition to being simple, flexible, lightweight, highly visible to vehicles, and impact-resistant, the rubber speed reducer is very beneficial for vehicles. Unlike concrete speed bumps that cause damage to the car’s suspension, the rubber speed bump does not damage the suspension system and vehicle tires because it has a smooth and continuous wave.

Final considerations

Rubber spine modules are the ideal solution to ensure the safety of your condominium. That way, if your condo still uses the masonry spines, this is the time for you to make the exchange. And if your condominium doesn’t have speed reducers yet, it’s worth investing.