Should You Hire a Moving Company?

Packing up your belongings and unpacking in your new home is one of the most tiresome aspects of the entire moving process. This is especially true if you own a lot of furniture or are moving far away from your current residence. 

Thousands of people every year rely on moving companies to help them through the process, but this comes at a cost. So, is getting help with moving from a professional business really worth it? Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons!

The Pros of Hiring a Moving Business

Saves You Time and Energy

The standout advantage of hiring a moving business is that it saves you a significant amount of time and energy. Professional movers have the experience and training required to efficiently pack up your things, transport them to your new home, and unpack them safely. 

With expert movers, there’s no need for multiple trips back and forth. They can also use their prior experiences to develop quick solutions to any challenges or obstacles that may come up. They know all the moving tips and tricks to work quickly and safely. This saves you a ton of stress on your moving day. Plus, you won’t have to ask friends or family to help out!

Ensures the Security of Your Belongings

It’s not uncommon for furniture or other belongings to get broken or lost during a move. Thankfully, moving companies go above and beyond to keep your belongings as safe and secure as possible. Many even offer some type of moving insurance to give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

It’s Safer for You and Your Loved Ones

Moving can be a much more dangerous activity than people think. If you or a helper is doing lots of heavy lifting using poor technique, you could injure yourself. Carrying furniture up and down the stairs is another potential hazard. Professional movers, on the other hand, have the equipment, training, strength, and technique required to do these things safely. 

The Cons of Hiring a Moving Business

High Costs

The greatest con to hiring a moving business is definitely the cost. You could be paying anywhere from $1500 to $5000, depending on how far you’re moving, the number of items that need to be moved, the time of your move, and other factors. If this doesn’t work into your budget, opting to move on your own is completely understandable. That being said, we recommend taking into consideration the costs of moving on your own, such as taking time off work, renting a moving truck, purchasing packing materials, etc.

Lack of Flexibility

Moving companies tend to book up fast during peak moving times, such as weekends and throughout the summer. If you plan on moving during these peak times, we strongly recommend calling a reliable moving company ASAP. 

Giving Up Control

Giving up some element of control during a move is a relief to some, but a bit stressful for others. If you plan on hiring expert movers, you have to be willing to let them do their jobs. While you can give directions and state your requests and requirements before the move, it would be inappropriate to try and excessively control the move as it’s happening. 

The aspect of the move that most people seem to struggle to give up is deciding what items go in what box. Some also feel uncomfortable with having their possessions taken away as they’re being transported to the new house. If it’s really important to you to have constant access to your belongings and full control over how items are packed away, we would advise against hiring a moving company.

Need a Realtor Before Hiring a Moving Company in Ontario?

All that being said, what’s the use in calling up moving companies if you haven’t decided on a new house yet? If you need assistance, there are plenty of experienced and fully qualified Ontario realtors available to help you find your dream home!