Stephen Cuccia Explains How the Timeshare Concept Is Out to Get You

A Helpful Guide to Getting You Out of a Timeshare Deal

Timeshares as an Expense

An investment should make you money, and timeshares do not do that. Cuccia explained that timeshares cost you money for the entire duration of time you own them. They require a large initial investment of around $10,000 for most people, this investment typically comes with a large interest rate from the timeshare company. Then, you’ll continue to pay maintenance fees and other expenses for years down the road. 

“Annual maintenance fees can cost more than $500 per year, and they tend to increase over time,” Cuccia said. “Investing your money in a timeshare is definitely at the timeshare company’s advantage.”

Over time, timeshares have been shown to decrease in value, even if the location is extremely desirable. Supply far outweighs demand, and this supply becomes even higher as people become more aware of the downfalls of owning a timeshare.

Exiting a Timeshares

One of the major disadvantages of investing in a timeshare is that it can be difficult to exit. Many people experience financial ups and downs throughout their lifetimes, and they can not escape timeshare expenses even when money is tight.

“You could easily skip a family vacation if money is tight one year, but you can’t skip out on paying timeshare fees. That means you’re paying for your timeshare even if you don’t have the money to enjoy it,” Cuccia said.

Timeshare contracts are often loaded with fine print that locks you in for as long as possible. That is what led Cuccia to his passion for helping others escape the financial burdens their timeshares create. 

 Stephen Cuccia and Easy Timeshare Relief

Cuccia began his company Easy Timeshare Relief intending to help others exit their timeshares as affordably as possible. 

His company has helped more than 10,000 Americans get out of their timeshare contracts for good. More than $5 million in timeshare debt has been canceled, and the average customer savings when working with Cuccia and his team is $21,870. 

Cuccia has been working in the field of timeshare relief for more than 15 years, and his expertise clearly shows in the way he can efficiently and affordable absolve timeshare contracts. 

Visit to learn more about Cuccia’s services and to submit a timeshare cancellation application. You may have made a mistake by investing in a timeshare, but you don’t have to live with that mistake for life.