Technology and Regulation Governing the New Air MovementIn Texas

The field of technology never bounds a person as it contains a space of improvisation and improvement after every upgrade. Technology and innovation are always on the front in HVAC as they focus on maximizing comfort and in meeting consumer demands.

The air movement and ventilation system is continuously advancing to provide better efficiency in indoor air quality. The High-efficiency variable air volume (VAV) is the most advanced form of technology in this field.

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What is a Variable Air Volume (VAV)

VAV is a type of system that offers various air volumes instead of staying constant in different climatic conditions. This advancement is mostly used in various commercial buildings as they are designed to meet the requirements of large spaces. This type of system controls temperature and fan speed on different speeds according to the temperature of that zone. As compare to CAV (controlled air volume) VAV is effective in saving 30 percent of the energy.

Advancements in VAV:

  • Inclusion of new features to increase comfort.
  • Direct-drive fans
  • Fan arrays
  • Upgraded motors for an enhanced performance along with minimizing the requirement of maintenance.
  • Bypass heat recovery
  • Series energy recovery
  • Dehumidifier feature for cleaning the air

The upcoming advancements that are expected in the VAV system are the addition of MERV value filters to prevent airborne contamination, and Sensor-driven ECM (electronically commutated motors).

Home Air Movement System in Texas

A lot of people rely on keeping the natural and mechanical ventilation process in a parallel working. Natural ventilation is the crossing of natural air through the areas. However, mechanical air is a formation of different components of energy.

The mechanical ventilation equipment in houses may consist of;

  • Exhaust fans
  • Whole-home ventilation systems
  • Range hoods

The main focus is kept on keeping the area or your home completely sealed to enhance the effect. In case if the house is tightly sealed mechanical ventilation becomes a necessity. However, you can never control the flow of natural air and it finds a way through the small cracks and gaps that occur naturally in the walls or the roof.

If the gaps and cracks are also sealed then it will cause serious suffocation to the house members and that is where you need mechanical ventilation. Keeping the house sealed helps in preventing all kind of health hazards and it also helps in keeping the unclear air far from getting inside their house. It eliminates the stale, contaminated air out from the fresh and brings in the only fresh air that is free from all kinds of germs, allergens and mold particles.

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