The Proper Work Desk for Your Work Place

If you work from home periodically or full-time, lucky you! Despite your work environment, make sure your work desk has these must-have features to keep you comfy and effective all day.

  • Proper height. The elevation of your Executive desks [ชุด โต๊ะ ทำงาน ผู้ บริหาร, which is the term in Thai] ought to be established according to your arm joint elevation. The normal work desk height is 29.5″, designed to fit a 6’1″ man, which is too high for lots of people. To determine what’s right for you, being in your chair, joints at your sides, as well as change the chair elevation to ensure that your feet are level on the floor and your upper legs alongside the floor. Ask a person to determine the upright range from the flooring to your elbows. This is your target desk elevation. If you can’t locate one in that height, or if you share a desk with others, a height-adjustable work desk is a must.
  • No cabinets in front. Prevent picking a work desk with one or more drawers in the front, underneath the work surface area, to guarantee sufficient upper leg clearance. Because many individuals have a tiny thigh-to-forearm clearance, see to it the job surface area is less than two-inches thick.
  • Rounded leading edge. To avoid call stress and anxiety on your wrists and forearms while typing, see to it that the front edge of the work desk is smooth and rounded. Avoid sharp sides!
  • Bonus credit rating. Sit-stand. Lots of who function from home do not have the normal daily diversions that keep us relocating at the workplace. Walking to meetings, to ask a co-worker an inquiry, or to go out to lunch, is an everyday task in office work. Think about purchasing a sit-to-stand desk to prevent static resting poses. Fortunately, today’s designs are becoming much more cost-effective, as well as there are many to choose from! The more you can move throughout the day, the better your cardio system will get!