Things to know about Concrete Block Paving

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The idea of block paving is a simple one but the reality is that it is not a simple task to do. It requires a lot of planning and work. When you are planning for the concrete block paving, you need to get the right people involved in the project. If you have hired an outside contractor for this task, then it will be very difficult to get them on board. Also, if your company has its own concrete block paving crew, then they will not be able to help you out since they don’t have the required skills and experience for this task.

Block paving Driveway is a very common task that needs to be completed by concrete block paving crews. It involves laying down different types of concrete blocks with different thicknesses over various sections of your driveway or parking area in your home or office. The blocks are laid in the order shown which will be determined by the requirements of your particular driveway or parking lot. The thicknesses are not all the same and there are different combinations like one block for each foot in length, etc.

You can read more here below is an example of a concrete block paving project with a few different thicknesses:

Different Types of Concrete Blocks: There are different types of concrete blocks used in block paving projects and it is also possible to mix and match them as per the requirements of your driveways or parking areas. Concrete pavement blocks are generally made of Portland cement, fibreglass, plastic and polystyrene which produce a durable surface with minimum maintenance required.

There are different types of concrete block paving that can be used in your driveways and parking areas. As you can see above, there are different thicknesses of blocks that can be used depending on the needs of your driveway area. You need some concrete blocks to do a conservative surface with other blocks to do a more aggressive level of paving. You might also consider having different block types that have higher viscosity or denser asphalt in them. That will produce a more durable surface with longer life span. Also, it is important to know that with higher-density concrete blocks, it will be difficult for them to have good drainage.