Tips Before Choosing The Best Colors To Paint Your Home

Do you want to give a new look to your home or maybe you have just made reforms? What are the best colors to paint a house? This would be the question in your head. It may even be the first time you are painting the walls of your new home.

Whatever the situation, we are going to help you find the best shade for your walls with a series of tips for choosing the best paint colors for bedroom (เลือก สี ห้อง นอน, which is the term in Thai). Because a color says a lot about your home, it can help you improve its habitability and even your mood.

  1. Be Aware Of Space

Space often determines the choice of colors. If the room you are going to paint is spacious and bright, you can dare with darker tones such as purples, oranges or reds. These tones are not going to take away space visually.

However, if the room to be painted has small dimensions and also has little or no natural lighting, we advise you to opt for lighter and more neutral tones such as white, stone, gray or ocher. These tones will increase the feeling of spaciousness of the space, and you will not feel so drowned.

If despite being a small space, you stick to dark tones, you can choose to paint only one wall or detail such as a pillar or column, and paint the rest of the walls in light tones. Another option within your reach is to paint in neutral tones and give a touch of color with textiles or decorative elements.

  1. Be aware of lighting

We have already dropped it in the previous section; lighting is an important aspect of decoration. Therefore, when choosing the best colors to paint a house, you cannot miss this point.

The reflected light and color shifts, constantly changing it throughout the day. The colors most faithful to the reality of a room are those found during daylight hours.

For example, indigo (a color halfway between blue and purple), may appear bluer in one room and be seen with a much redder hue in another. With that in mind, you must ensure that you are satisfied with a color regardless of the time of day.