Types of Office table in an office

There are different types of office tables available in the market, depending on the functionality and the type of usage required from it. An Office table (โต๊ะ ออฟฟิศ which is the term in thai) comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and comes with a lot of functionality depending on the design. The tables are meant to be sturdy and come built with hard wooden material. Most of the tables nowadays are made our of modern engineered wood, which not only makes strong office tables but keeps them lighter in weight to promote mobility. These are less costly than the one made entirely of old traditional wood that is strong but is very heavy to move. Only go for the traditional design when you are sure that the office desk will not move from one place to another in the office and is only meant for a specific room or employee. Otherwise, opt for something that is easily movable and light in weight.

Different design style in the office table

Some of the most common types of design in office table are single-seater where only one person can sit with his or her system and work on it. A round circular or oval office table, that is made to work for two employees with partition. Third, comes to a long table type office table that can be divided among multiple employees using an office partition. Other than that, many office tables also come with or without wheels at the bottom of the table legs. It is good for those who are looking for a mobile unit.

Choose one as per your office space

Choosing a perfect office table for yourself can be tricky. Make sure you first have an idea about the amount of space you have to place these tables. Once that is confirmed, you can select a table according to that. If you have limited space, then opting for a long table where multiple employees can work together is better than purchasing a single-use table. Also, make sure they do have a lot of storage space for employees.