Useful Tips to Decide Whether You Should Replace or Rekey Your Lock

If one of your locks stops working, you just think of replacing it. However, in several cases, there are other options available.

One of these other options is to get your lock rekeyed by a professional locksmith.

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Despite the fact that rekeying is a useful option, several people don’t know about it as a better alternative to lock replacement.

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What is Rekeying?

During rekeying, a locksmith removes the pins and springs from the lock cylinder and replaces them with new pins and springs that match a new and different key.

Unless a lock has become totally useless or you want a completely different lock style, most locks can be rekeyed and kept working, as well or even better than before.

The most common reason for rekeying the locks is to have a key control when the ownership of a property is changed.

Key control just refers to accounting for all keys created to operate the locks. Once keys change hands, key control is lost.

Naturally, you don’t know who may have been using the keys in a previously owned home, whereas in new homes, contractors have been using them.

In several single-builder communities, there are construction master keyed locks.

Although the introduction of homeowner’s key may stop further use of contractor keys, often master pins remain inside the locks.

Every master pin doubles the number of keys operating the lock. In several events, as many as 16 different keys can operate a single lock.

In such a condition, rekeying is a safe option as it will remove these master pins and thus the possibility of operating the locks with different keys.

Rekeying also enables a locksmith such as those at rekey locks services by Locksmith Sydney to check the condition of the lock as well as its installation.

Several problems of locks can be rectified without replacing the lock.

When rekeyed, locks are often lubricated due to which they operate much more smoothly. Here again, problems may be found out that show that a lock needs to be replaced.

Some locks are designed in such a way that they can be rekeyed by the user. These locks differ from the standard pin tumbler locks that have been the mainstay of the lock industry.

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Replacement of Locks

Some situations are such that locks have to be replaced. They do wear, sometimes to such an extent that a rekey cannot improve them.

It’s always a good idea to upgrade your existing locks. When it comes to the protection of your dear ones and property, purchasing quality locking hardware makes sense.

Some people wish to replace their locks just for aesthetic purposes or to overcome disabilities. Lever handle locks are nice to look at as well as easier to use than a knob.

Likewise deadbolts come with an interior thumb turn that can be used without grasping.

Even electronic locks are getting popular. However, you should remember that they offer more convenience than security.

Discussing with a professional locksmith can be the best way to decide whether you need replacement or rekeying of your lock.