5 Common Questions About Sewer Line Replacements

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Most people don’t think about their drain lines until they start having problems such as being clogged or slow draining. Sometimes these can be fixed by cleaning out the drain, but it can also mean that your pipes need to be replaced. Here are five common questions people have concerning sewer line replacements in Utah.

1.What are the signs that I may need a sewer line replacement?

If you have a single sink or toilet that is draining slowly or is clogged, the pipes may just need to be cleaned. However, if you’ve noticed that multiple drains are slow or there are frequent backups, it may be time for repair.

2. Is there a sure way to know if my pipe needs a replacement?

A camera inspection done by a plumber in Utah can determine if you need a replacement. This type of inspection is done by threading a camera in the sewer line and seeing if there are any cracks, holes, roots, or collapsed sections of pipe. Depending on the situation, the plumber will recommend a drain cleaning or pipe repair.

3. When should I start thinking about sewer line replacement?

When you notice an increase in clogs or slow drains is when you should consider getting your pipes looked at. Sewer lines have a lifetime of at least 75 years. However, this can be decreased from different factors such as any installation errors, the types of things you put down your drains, or if you have any tree roots that have got in the way.

4. Can I just clean out the pipe myself without replacing it?

People in Utah like doing their own home repairs. However, this is one that may be best handled by a plumber. If the pipe has collapsed, trying to use cleaner will not help, as the chemicals will just sit and dissolve the pipe. If you try flushing out the pipe with water, it may create more backup and cause additional damage.

5. What are the types of replacements?

There are two common types of sewer replacements: traditional or trenchless. The traditional method involves digging a trench, removing the old line, and adding a new one in the trench.

With the trenchless method, the plumber will either burst the pipe and install a new pipe in the same tunnel or add a liner in the original pipe. Trenchless methods require minimal digging, which makes them ideal when you don’t want your landscaping dug up, or the sewer line runs under sidewalks and driveways.

To know what repair options you have, it is best to reach out to a knowledgeable plumber in Utah. They will find the problem and give you options for how to replace the pipes.

The plumbers at Big John’s offer many plumbing services, including sewer line replacements in Utah. If your drains are slow or clogged, contact Big John’s to determine the cause and find a solution.