Advantages Of Living In An Apartment Condominium: When There Is More Than One Building

Building communities are becoming more attractive spaces for those looking to buy or lease due to a large number of benefits it offers compared to more common alternatives such as regular houses or unit buildings. In this opportunity, we will tell you all the positive aspects that you surely had not considered living in a condominium with more than one apartment building. In this way, you will be able to understand better why this option has become a much closer and attractive alternative for families looking for a place to live.

Cheaper Common Expenses In A Condominium

Common expenses are the sum of the expenses that the administration of a building or condominium makes, whether it is in personnel, cleaning, maintenance, new projects or others. This is divided among all owners according to the size of their apartment or house and must be paid monthly.

As you can imagine, these are much higher in communities with many common spaces to maintain, but at the same time, the larger the building or condominium, the more people are divided, so the cost is also less for each of them.

Condominium Security

Condos offer greater security than houses or even regular buildings. These usually have doormen who control access to the condominium, and apart from each building has its access keys (or cards) for the entrance of each inhabitant. In addition, in general, there are a large number of security cameras due to the large size of the common spaces. In turn, being surrounded by neighbours keeps everyone in the community alert in case something happens. Also, thanks to access control, you can rest assured that your children can play freely in the gardens and use the common spaces.

Community Life

 Due to the numerous common areas and its various entertainment options, community life becomes an essential factor. If you like to interact with the people around you, condo near Charoen Nakorn (คอนโด เจริญนคร which is the term in Thai) are a great option to maintain an active social life, in addition to promoting human relationships, generating a solidarity network for the care of each department.