Bright Lock – High Tech Illuminated Doorknob

Blindly navigating towards the door handle with the help of a faint ground-level nightlight is old school. It doesn’t work and only lights up a small fraction of your path, so why do we keep using something so outdated? And sliding your hand along the wall to find the elusive light switch is not only just as pointless, but it isn’t an option if your partner’s fast asleep.

Bright Lock’s ambient lighting and adjustable brightness settings help prevent even the lightest sleepers from being disrupted, all while saving you from stepping on that injurious object piece at the dead of the night.

Bright Lock‘s sleek, yet innovative, design is perfect for any lifestyle and the range of colors is guaranteed to match your home decor. Permanently in Sleep Mode until the motion sensor is activated, Bright Lock only illuminates your path when necessary, therefore preserving the knobs battery life for longer use. Plus, the use of batteries means that it will continue to light your path even when there’s a daunting power outage.

It easily fits on most standard size doorknobs using two simple screws with existing doorknobs. With a sharp motion sensor, it has six brightness adjustable different illuminating colors (red, blue, purple, pink, white, and green) to choose from.