Your Selections for the Barn Doors

This is the first thing you see in your home: the door must have a style that matches both the exterior and your interior decor. From then on, finding one’s front door can be a Chinese puzzle! The models are infinite and have as limit only your imagination. How to find the perfect model? Here are some tips that should help you make the right choice.


Your barn doors must above all be in keeping with the front of your house. Certain rules must be respected in this matter: your door must in principle be the same color as your shutters, and often the municipalities will have a veto over the color.

  • Note that the restrictions are more important if you live in an area near a historical monument, because you will be subject to the agreement of the architect of the Buildings of France, which will verify that you do not denature the area.
  • Whether your door is fully or partially glazed, the style must be in perfect harmony with your facade, especially in a building of character. Choosing a door on a model similar to that of its windows is wise, because it offers a nice feeling of continuity, the impression that it has always been part of the decor.
  • Thirds and transoms are good solutions to bring light, especially if your entry is small and dark! FYI, the third is a glass part on the side, and the transom, the opening glazed in height.
  • Tip: Thirds and transoms are ideal when you have to replace a large opening (garage door, or old barn for example) by a front door. This avoids heavy masonry work, and allows you to use all the available width.


In terms of style, everything is allowed! Just like it please … Some companies know how to adapt to the existing, and customize a front door to avoid changing can be a good choice. So, no surprises, you do not touch the frame and customize your access without major work, for a lower cost. Here are the different materials commonly used in the manufacture of entrance doors.


The glass gives a more modern style, lightening a massive facade and gives it a more contemporary style. It lets in the light and does not block the look, which accentuates the depth.

Note: You will need to choose an anti-burglary glass, that is to say that resists shocks, fire and deformations. Ideally, it should also be coated with a burglar-proof film which, coupled with the glass, will delay intrusion attempts. The glass can of course be chosen in double or triple glazing, in which case a gas (often argon) is introduced between the different rabbets to limit heat loss.

Its price: The cost is variable according to the quality of the glass and the surface of the door: count about 1,500 euros for a standard door, no entry-level models.

Note that when we talk about price, this applies to the classic dimensions, ie 80/200, excluding installation. Customization will always be more expensive.