What is the most basic security system of a place?

Door locks are one of the most basic security systems not only for home but fir any place. These door locks act as the first barrier to breaking into a place. So getting the best quality door lock is always important. Previously door locks were made from brass or some heavy metal so that thieves and Intruders faced difficulty in picking them. But the fact remains that conventional door locks can be picked even by a teenager. The solution lies with technology here. Digital door ( ประตูดิจิตัล , which is the term in Thai) better to say digital door locking system have come up with some of the most advanced technologies that have been incorporated with them.

What are the new technologies incorporated in smart door locks?

Digital door locks now have incorporated Fingerprint scanning system (ระบบสแกนลายนิ้วมือ  , which is the term I  Thai) within them. This system makes it much more efficient as only the owners can open their places with their thumb impression. Apart from this you can very certainly connect your mobile phones with these locks and these locks will notify you in case of a breach. Not only in cases of a breach in case someone tries to meddle with the lock or even in case the door remains unlocked for a long time. The new door locks also have fire detection sensors. So with these new smart door locks you can be sure if the safety of your place.

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