Choose the best Of Water Damage and More

Even the same day, we get the dryers and the demolition started. By quickly starting dehumidification and dismantling of structures after moisture damage, water damage can be prevented from escalating to moisture damage and even progressing to mold damage.

The most common causes of water damage

Based on the insurance company’s claims rates, the most common types of water damage are:

  1. Piping leaks, 60%
  2. Bathroom waterproofing failure, 27%
  3. Hardware defects, 13%

Apartment owners themselves are often most affected by water damage due to bathroom waterproofing, which is usually done by residents themselves. Likewise, equipment malfunctions such as dishwasher or washing machine leaks cause problems for ordinary apartment owners.

Owners are responsible for their entire house, and in this case, damage caused especially by piping leaks can cause very significant water damage. The best way to prepare for pipeline leaks is to do pipe repairs well in advance. With servpro los angeles ca  you can now have the best deals present.

Water damage drying

It is always a good idea to start water damage drying immediately in order to prevent further damage. Careful drying can also save you from dismantling and rebuilding structures, which will also significantly reduce the cost of water damage.

Water damage drying begins with moisture mapping, which explains how much of a building component is wet. We will then bring in the most suitable drying equipment. The most common dryer is a building dryer that blows warm dry air into damp structures. The purpose is to reduce the moisture content of both the structure and the surrounding room so that the structures can be effectively dried. As the drying progresses, we monitor the moisture content of the structures to make sure that the structures are dry so that they do not cause future mold damage, for example.

Water damage repair

After drying, dismantle or repair any building components that are damaged by water and restore the building operation. It is also important to eliminate the cause of the water damage and to make sure that the water damage does not happen again. Usually, in case of water damage repairs, there will also be an automatic renovation of the apartment, at least on the damaged part. Of course, all of our repair services are available for water damage repairs.

Last Words

Whether a building can live in during drying depends on the extent of the water damage. Generally speaking, if the area to be dried is local, we will insulate the water damage area from the rest of the premises, and the rest of the building can be used freely. The drying time also depends on the extent of the water damage and the materials to be dried, however, it is usually advisable to prepare for a drying time of 2-6 weeks.