Choosing the Right Options in the House Cleaning Process

The presence of guests at home is a fun and nice experience. But once friends, colleagues or relatives leave, there is complete chaos in the home. The more people at the party, the greater the chaos. Even if it was not a party but a normal dinner with a close family with children, the situation is still complicated. Children’s holidays are even more risky for the condition of the home. Children can damage and stain even impossible things. Balloons and candy are nothing compared to stains and printed baby palms on all surfaces.

It seems to you that the apartment will never regain its former appearance. This does not mean that you should not celebrate at home or that children will not have guests at their birthday.

Here’s what the professionals at any cleaning company do at this point:

  1. Ventilation of the room: the first and most important step in starting the cleaning of the apartment

The first thing to get rid of is the smell of cigarettes, alcohol and yesterday’s food. You don’t think that if the smokers were on the terrace, the smell did not enter the apartment. Leave the windows open until you discard the bottles and bottles and wash the ashtrays. It would be nice if you could make a flow.

  1. Garbage collection

Take a nylon bag and walk around the apartment. Collect garbage as soon as you notice it. At the same time, examine the rooms and identify spots with spots, traces of food and drinks, footprints of shoes. To facilitate your work, leave some boxes or garbage bags before the party and warn guests to store empty bottles and packs of food there, not on the sills and under the table.

  1. The toilet

The big company is a true test of the bathroom and toilet. After collecting the garbage, immediately fill the toilet bowl, sink, bath and siphons with detergents. Allow the preparations to act for 20-30 minutes.

  1. The kitchen

While the bathroom is under the influence of detergents, the only access to water remains in the kitchen. The sink, however, is overcrowded. The cleaning company starts its work by washing the dishes, the doors of the kitchen cabinets, the hob and the tiles. With the scarborough house cleaning you can have the best deal now.

To facilitate this task, follow these tips:

  • Do not stack dishes in the sink while cooking for the party, but wash them immediately
  • Prepare stubborn stain with detergent before you start collecting waste
  • Clean the oven and hobs before you start cooking for your guests. So then you will only have fresh dirt to remove
  • For informal dinners and parties, use disposable tableware

Pay attention to the tablecloths. If they are burned with a cigarette – there is nothing to do but you can try to remove the stains. If the tablecloth is textile and is covered with beer or white wine, the stains can be removed with a wet sponge. You can handle red wine stains in cooking salt. The fruit stains are cleaned with warm water or warm milk. Coffee is not a problem, it is washed with quality washing powder, while with tea stains the situation is different – they are removed with glycerin.