Don’t Forget These Important Moving Tasks!

Don’t know how to move into a new home without having the process be lengthy and tiring? Having some sort of plan is key. You can take control of the situation by creating lists and prioritizing organization throughout the move. Doing so will help keep things as simple and stress-free as possible. 

There are so many tasks you have to take care of when moving, several of which are often overlooked. That’s why we’ve created a list of important moving tasks that you should complete ASAP. This will allow you to focus your energy on other time-consuming aspects of the move, like packing and unpacking your belongings.

1. Update Your Address

Updating your address is an essential moving step and not one you want to leave until the last minute. We recommend setting aside an hour or two, wherein you can sit down and change your address on all your important documents and accounts, such as:

  • Bank accounts
  • Utility providers
  • Insurance
  • Subscriptions
  • Workplace
  • Internet, cable, and phone providers
  • Medical professionals
  • Veterinarian

Of course, it’s also good to send messages to family and friends to let them know where you’ll be living now. You don’t want them accidentally driving over or sending mail to your old house.

2. Enroll Your Children in School

This is one of the most important moving tips of all! If you’re moving to a new city or neighborhood, you’ll most likely need to enroll your children in a new school. This is, once again, a task you should take care of very early into your move. Otherwise, your children could end up missing school time.

Not sure where to begin? The first step is to notify your children’s current school that they’ll be changing schools. You can then ask their principal for the relevant forms. Finally, contact their new school district, and they’ll guide you through the necessary steps for registering your children. The school they attend will most likely be predetermined based on your new home address.

3. Remember Your Spare Keys

Having a spare house key hidden somewhere outside isn’t a bad idea, but they’re frequently overlooked during moves. Before you forget, go outside, grab the spare key, and keep it alongside your primary house key. You’ll be doing a big favor for the people that move in after you!

4. Don’t Forget Your Cords and Cables

Cords and cables are two of the most common things left behind in homes and hotels. Make a note on your list to check all outlets before leaving your old home. We also encourage you to keep all your cords and cables in one place so you won’t have to go searching for them. Another good idea is to use sticky notes to identify which cables are meant for what purpose (chargers, HDMI cords, ethernet cables, etc.). 

5. Change or Cancel Memberships

Managing this moving task can save you a lot of money in the long run! If you have memberships that can’t be transferred to a new facility closer to your new address (like a gym), remember to cancel them. While you’re at it, you can also update your address for the memberships that don’t need to be canceled.

6. Take Valuables With You

We all have those belongings that you REALLY don’t want to leave behind or lose in a move. The best way to keep them safe is to collect them ahead of time. We recommend packing them separately from your other belongings. Keep them with your important documents and other moving essentials that won’t get overlooked. Valuables, in this case, include things like:

  • Hidden cash
  • Jewelry
  • Coins
  • Family heirlooms

Manage These Tasks for an Easy Move

There you have it! Once you have these tasks taken care of, you’ll feel an invisible weight lifted off your shoulders. To make your move an even easier and stress-free experience, we encourage you to hire a qualified Ontario real estate agent. They can handle the paperwork and use their market knowledge and negotiating skills to get you the best price on your new home!

Check out the infographic below for more tips on keeping your move stress free!

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Infographic provided by Master Movers, a Venice, FL moving company