Easy Ways To Make Botanical Double Pour Candles

You do not have to be a member of the candle making community to make your own botanical double pour candles. There are some easy and proven ways in which you can cerate the best candles. All you will need is thread to make the wick, a mold, different types of waxes, and some time and effort to put all these things together. You can make different types of candles from standard to botanical candles all by yourself. The difference lies in the types of waxes used such as straight paraffins or its blends. However, the basic need to make any type of candle is to make it as safely as possible.

The initial steps

You can make as good candles as wisdom productsby following this simple 4-step process. The first step involves making the core of the candle called the ‘pillar.’ It should be ideally 3 by 3and a half inch shell. You must use wax melt at 131 F. Size the wick to burn it 2-1/2inches acrossleaving extra wick on the candle. Put it on a 4 by 4-1/2-inch mold and follow the second step. Insert all desired objects between the mold and the candle so that you get them all embedded in the final candle.

The final steps

You can now go to the third step which involves using a wax that has a higher melt point. this, ideally should range between 141 F and 152 F. This is because it will give your candle a translucent finish in its natural state. However, if you want to make an opaque candle then you can use some additives in it. You should pour this melt waxbetween the mold and the candle. The last step involves removing the candle carefully from the mold and leveling the bottom.