Granite Or Quartz Countertops What Material Is Best For My Kitchen?

One of the most important decisions when facing the reform or design of a kitchen is the choice of countertop. In this field, two materials stand out, and they are quartz and granite. Of course, they are not the only options, there are many more, but few with a combination of quality, price, better design.

The granite countertops are made from natural stone. They are available in a wide range of designs and stand out mainly for their enormous resistance.

The quartz countertops are the result of engineering, have high resistance, and its strong point is designed. In the manufacture of this type of countertops, pigments and resins are used. Thanks to these, any design can be achieved, from completely smooth colors to perfect imitations of other materials, including natural stones such as marble or granite itself.

Price is not usually a variable of great importance when choosing between granite or quartz countertops. Prices move within similar ranges that may vary depending on the range or design exclusivity.

Advantages Of Granite Over Quartz

  • Shock and heat resistance: Quartz countertops are very resistant. It is a question that no test doubts. However, they do not reach the parameters of granite selection, especially when it comes to high temperatures. For example, boiling pans can damage quartz countertops.
  • Durability: Compact quartz countertops are considered to last for decades in a kitchen. It is very likely that the kitchen will undergo a complete reform sooner than the replacement of the quartz worktop because it has deteriorated. However, a granite countertop is for a lifetime, and maybe more.

Advantages Of Quartz Over Granite

  • Granite countertops require regular maintenance: At least once a year, it is advisable to polish and seal them to prevent stains from arising. In the case of quartz countertops, there are no pores to be sealed. Hence, no maintenance is required.
  • Design: Granite countertops are available in a considerable range of designs, but grain and color vary in these. However, the possibilities are multiplied with quartz countertops.

What Is Better Quartz Or Granite For My Countertop?

These are two materials of the highest quality and with excellent features for use as countertops. In summary, we can say that among the advantages of granite is the somewhat higher resistance. As for the advantages of quartz, the greater availability of designs. Check out Kitchenate’s simple kitchen design ideas for inspiration on how to incorporate these countertops into your kitchen.