Kitchen Renovation: Think Of Sockets And Switches Before You Start

A Step-by-Step Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

Today, kitchens have become living rooms. To be welcoming, they must offer maximum comfort and design with suitable lighting. Opt for smart switches, design, and practical electrical outlets and USB outlets with optimal speed charging to stay connected.

Multiply the catches in the kitchen

On your work surface, you have installed all the small appliances necessary for a good breakfast. But where to connect the multifunction robot and this blender which you cannot do without? Simply multiply the electrical outlets near your work surface thanks to the double electrical outlets, conversion plug (ปลั๊ก แปลง which is the term in Thai) or quadruple recessed and prewired sockets.

Recharge Your Smartphone With USB In The Kitchen

More and more often, what you lack in the kitchen is an electrical outlet to charge your smartphone or tablet with plug (ปลั๊ก พ่วง which is the term in Thai). Whether to follow a recipe found on the internet or to answer a call when you are monitoring cooking. Don’t hesitate to install a double USB electrical outlet to stay connected!

Place sockets in the right places in the kitchen

Let’s go back to your first days in your kitchen. Refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, hob, and microwave are securely connected thanks to the waterproof electrical outlets with a protective flap or built into your worktop. Large appliances are, of course, grounded.

The extractor hood connected at height evacuates odors and vapor discharges, but have you thought of VMC, much more useful for smoke and humidity?

Sockets And Switches For More Comfort And Design

Immaculate kitchens only exist in magazine photos. In yours, dishes simmer and splash outlets. With the surface electrical outlet and its flush design, it is easy to clean.

When you bring the gratin dish back into the kitchen, the Soft switch only needs a slight push of the back of the hand to show you the way.