Explore the Perfect Choices with the Best Penthouse for Your Purchase

What is a penthouse? Know all about them with advantages & disadvantages

The health crisis has completely changed the way of conceiving homes. The confinement situation has caused residential priorities to be reconfigured. As a consequence, open spaces, gardens, patios and terraces have become preferred elements when deciding to buy a property. Therefore, the interest of potential buyers for penthouses has grown considerably.

Now that teleworking is here to stay and that doubts about new isolation measures hang over families, housing needs have been transformed. For this reason, the possibility of having open and bright spaces gains weight when it comes to taking an interest in a home. And, what better way to meet those needs than with a spacious and equipped terrace? If you have also thought about the advantages of living in anpenthouse, take note of these tips to choose the best option. With all penthouses for sale in Malta you can now get the perfect choices.

Penthouse or top floor?

Before listing its advantages, it is necessary to define what are the essential elements of apenthouse. The top floors of buildings are often considered apenthouse as long as they have a terrace, but this belief is not entirely true.

Apenthouse, by definition, has to have a terrace connected to the living room. For this reason, the penthouses occupy more space than the rest of the houses in the building. Thus, when the top floor is occupied by one or more penthouses, the number of homes is less than in the rest of the heights of the estate.

What to look for when choosing anpenthouse?

Once you have specifically defined what anpenthouse is, it is time to consider what the important aspectsare to make the best possible purchase decision. For them, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points:

Quality insulation

Undoubtedly, the quality of the materials and finishes is essential in the habitability of the penthouses. Traditionally, penthouses had a bad reputation due to a lack of insulation that made them cold in winter and hot in summer. However, today there should be no reason to be concerned in this regard. However, to choose with complete confidence it is important to ensure that the penthouse incorporates the latest architectural developments to ensure proper insulation. It is always best to prevent than to cure.

Energy efficiency

The renewable energies are a rising star in any type of housing. In the case of apenthouse, energy efficiency is especially important since, by receiving more light, it is easier to use it as a source of energy for air conditioning and sanitary hot water. On the other hand, aerothermal energy is also very interesting in this type of construction.

Penthouse orientation

It is an aspect that often goes unnoticed, but its impact on the lighting conditions of the home is key. Likewise, the orientation of the penthouse will be decisive in the energy consumption of the property. There is no single criterion in this regard, but it will be necessary to assess the conditions of the environment and the preferences of each owner. For example, in very hot places, the north orientation helps maintain a cool temperature in the house, while in cold places the south orientation may be more appropriate.