Garden Swimming Pool: Everything You Need to Know About Garden Pools

A swimming pool in the garden is a little piece of paradise on earth: on warm days, the cool water refreshes young and old. The great advantage of a garden pool is that you can jump in at any time – without having to queue at the cash register as in a swimming pool and pay admission to share the water with dozens of other bathers. Our guide provides you with everything you need to know about the swimming pool in the garden: On your marks, set – splash!

If you are now skeptical as to whether such a garden pool is not an expensive luxury, it should be said that there have long been garden pool solutions for every budget. You will also find out whether you need a building permit for your garden pool, how to find the best lo.

What Size Is The Best For The Swimming Pool In The Garden?

The size of your garden swimming pool should be put into consideration. If there is enough of it, it depends on your wishes and budget what size the pool should be.

The number of people who can be in the pool at the same time is important for determining the size of the swimming pool. For two swimmers, the pool should be at least four meters wide so that they don’t get into each other’s lane while swimming. For a few good swimming strokes, the pool needs a minimum length of six meters.

Tip: Make sure you remember that your new swimming pool in the garden will quickly get around to relatives and acquaintances – and you are sure to get one or two swimmers as well. You should also remember to get pool mats for your garden swimming pool