Reasons why Berlin is the Best for Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment has become more sensible especially in metropolitans like Berlin in Germany. Over the last ten years, the demand for property by residents and investors has increased, making Berlin a special investment hub for innovative and creative enterprises. Population growth rate, decreased unemployment, and better purchasing power have been the reasons behind the success of the real estate industry in the country.

At the same time, prices have skyrocketed, and so the market is now accessible to even global investors. The majority of people in Berlin are tenants, and so the demand for rental settings is high, meaning that a majority of the apartments are rented. More apartments are needed in the city because more residents are flowing in daily. Therefore, a real estate investment Properties in Berlin is worth it.

Brandenburger Tor, Crépuscule, Lever Du Soleil

Investment Safety in the Country

Germany is among the best exporting nations globally, and the best performing economy in Europe. Therefore, it is the safest nation to harbor businesses out of all the countries in the region. Berlin has a vibrant economy because it experiences the highest number of start-ups. Other sectors of the economy that complements the real estate industry and do well in Berlin are; tourism, infrastructure, and services.

Europe’s Lowest Property Prices

Investing in real estate depends on the sum of money at hand, and if you find a place where you can get a property at a lower price tag, the better. In Europe, Berlin has the most favorable property prices. Therefore, you can readily purchase a property and establish a residential setting or an apartment for renting. The prices are about three times less exorbitant than London, Rome, and Paris. Berlin is, therefore, drawing attention from all the investors since they are assured of extended price growth and a firm economic momentum. Berlin enjoys a worldwide top ranking for outstanding property markets.

Impressive Tax Regulations

Once you purchase a home in Berlin and entire Germany, you enjoy the 100% tax advantage upon resale until 10 years are over. The tax merits encompass both capital gains and rental income. A buyer also enjoys a relief on expenditure like interests imposed on management costs, purchase costs, and mortgages. The tax reliefs lower the buyers’ tax rates imposed on rental income tremendously.

Housing Supply Shortage

Berlin has an almost perfect residential occupancy, and so the property owners cannot find tenants. That means, the housing demand is high, and there is a property shortage. Therefore, you are sure of finding tenants once you buy or build an apartment in the city. This demand-supply quagmire is triggering price increment, especially now that the city population is growing tremendously.

Outstanding Quality of Life

A life survey institution proves that Berlin is among the three best cities in the world to live in. The city is famous for the advanced infrastructure, amusement parks, safety, and natural spaces. Berlin also enjoys a dynamic culture, thereby attracting business starters, tycoons, and artists. Even if you are not one of these celebrities and dignitaries, you will feel nice being part of them.