How to Explore Top Real Estate Listing Platforms?

If you are a commercial real estate broker, you may have come across numerous Commercial Real Estate (CRE) listing websites or platforms out of which some may have served your purposes and some not. Indeed, among the hundreds or maybe thousands of CRE platforms, it is really difficult to select the best and the right CRE platform for you which can reach you to the potential buyers. On the other hand, if you are an investor, you will definitely intend to find the most progressive opportunities which will enhance your ROI as well as expand your portfolio. When you visit a CRE website, remember that you have not got the best platform for your purpose, but you should research and find out the best platform from among numerous platforms, that serves your purpose. Find the best platform for reaching your potential buyers as well as the best opportunities for the developers through the professional assistance of the Forum.

All platforms are subject to change consistently due to the trends in the global economy and market. Therefore, it is essentially important to keep yourself up to date on the CRE trends across the world or in the place of your operation. 

The properties related to commercial real estate are divided into two basic categories, one on-market and the other off-market. The on-market listings are the properties which are vigorously advertised for the purpose of sale. They can be easily found in the commercial real estate listing sites. The off-market properties are neither actively advertised nor abundantly sold in comparison to the on-market properties, but they constitute a massive portion of the CRE bulk. The off-market properties are also not much dealt by the brokers nor by the leasing agents. Eventually, the off-market properties are more flexible opportunities for the developers as well as for the sellers.

Since the normal holding period of a commercial property is 10 years, you can search the off-market property through the CRE listings. While researching through numerous commercial real estate listing platforms, in some typical platforms you may get the contact information property owners. You may further make use of these contact information and create a new listing of your own. If you intend to go further deeper, you may skip the listing platforms and explore the list of investors and buyers particularly of the developers who want to expand their portfolio.

Besides the above, you can also search the lists of recent sellers or search the portfolio of recent buyers for the purpose of listings.