Bathroom Renovations vs. Kitchen Renovations: Which Should Come First?


Many homeowners are caught up in a dilemma as to what to start with between a kitchen and a bathroom when it comes to renovations. These two places are essential areas at home.Contemporary bathroom renovations are likely to be noticed; however, a nicely spruced kitchen or bathroom will have everybody give you compliments.

Kitchens are places where families and friends meet either for a cup of tea or beverage, a delicious meal, or even to socialize. Bathrooms take care of our bodies. Therefore these two areas need proper care, and any renovation should carefully articulated.

However, if you are looking forward to a makeover of these two rooms, you may be caught up at a crossroad on which you should remodel first. It doesn’t have to be complicated since your views are essential when making this critical decision. Below are some tips you can follow to make it easier for you in your selection process.

Evaluate the cost of each option

Evaluate your budget against the cost of renovation of each option. You can look for a qualified architecture to do an estimate of the amount for each area. It may be measured in terms of sq. Feet or the amount of space available. You should also establish the cost of the fixtures and fittings. Once you have come up with a budget, you can start with the cheapest option and progress to the pricey option.

Modeling the kitchen is expensive since it may involve replacing or refurbishing the counters and the cabinet. You may also install other appliances, repaint, and replace the sinks or the faucet. There is also some electrical work that may be unavoidable. On the other hand, Contemporary bathroom renovations are less expensive since it may involve replacing the floor, showers, tubs, repainting, adding cabinets, and electrical work.

Establish the less disruptive option

Obviously, once you start renovating your home, there will be some disruption for a few days. However, when it comes to the bathroom, it can be quite tricky since these two are essential and should be functional. When it comes to necessity, you could do without the kitchen for a few days since you can order for food or use a microwave in the living room. However for the bathroom, there are no options whatsoever.

Consider the faster option

With the help of your contractor, you will be able to know more about the timelines and the deadline. Material sourcing may affect the duration of the project, especially if you are getting them from overseas.

Which will add value to your property

The kitchen is the center point of every home. And any real investor will value the house depending on the appearance of the kitchen. When doing renovation, it’s essential to consider the kitchen as a point of influence.

Closing thoughts

Contemporary bathroom renovations are less invasive and cheaper as compared to the kitchen. However, a perfect kitchen house will give you more satisfaction and will raise the value of your home.