Safety Tips To Avoid Injuries During Moving

 It’s common knowledge that moving is stressful, expensive, and time costly. Only a few realize that it’s also dangerous, especially when lifting heavy items like furniture, large boxes, sharp objects, etc. It’s dangerous and can lead to serious injury if you’re not careful enough and when you’re doing it alone. Hire a trusted removalists Inner West like Bill Removalists Sydney to help you pack and carry items safely. Protecting yourself is as important, if not much more, than protecting your fragile items. Always think safety first, here are a few safety tips to avoid injuries when moving:

  1. Don’t Overpack

Just because it fits doesn’t mean it’s right. Just because you can fit 100 books in a regular size box doesn’t mean that it’s okay. Your box might break from under or the sides, which makes it unsafe for the person lifting the boxes. Don’t overpack boxes, be prepared, you should have more boxes than you need.

  1. Use The Right Tools And Equipment

To avoid injuries, use the right tools and equipment when packing and lifting heavy items. Properly wrap sharp objects like knives, gardening tools, garage tools, etc. Keep them in a sturdy box that won’t have the potential of opening from the bottom from too much weight. Make sure that you wrap them first with paper, bubble wrap, or a dish towel for extra protection.

  1. Ask For Help

When moving, avoid packing hazardous items like cleaning liquids, sprays, insecticides, etc. it might spill and contaminate your boxes, clothes, etc. Ask an expert removalists Western Sydney from Bill Removalists Sydney when you need help in packing hazardous materials. You can hire an expert removalist, especially when you’re moving heavy furniture like a sofa set, a piano, an aquarium, etc.

  1. Follow Proper Lifting Methods

When lifting heavy boxes, you should follow the proper procedure of lifting to avoid injury. Keep your spine alignment as straight as possible, when picking up boxes from the floor, bend your knees, and carry these boxes as close to your body as possible. Maintain balance and avoid twisting your body when lifting and walking.

  1. Keep Pathway Clear

Always keep a clear pathway, especially when going through stairs and tight spaces. Keep your child and pet in a safe distance to keep them from messing with items and scattering them on the floor. Scattered items on the floor might cause someone to trip or fall, which can cause serious injuries. Make sure that when someone is lifting heavy items, there is a clear pathway for them; after all, they have a lesser view of their path when a large box is on their face.

  1. Dress Appropriately

You should be in comfortable clothing when packing, moving, and lifting. If a woman is wearing a tight skirt and high heels during packing, it’ll be hard for her to move around, go up and down the stairs. It’s not only women; some men may also be wearing tight shirts, which can cause them difficulty with moving their torso during lifting. Always wear proper clothing, one that you’d be comfortable in and can let you move around easily.

  1. Common Sense

Finally, use common sense. If you think a box can hold to much weight of items, don’t put in so much of your things. If a place or a scenario, looks dangerous, take action. Listen to your body and stay hydrated and well rested so you’d have the energy you need on your moving day. Follow your instincts and use your common sense to avoid injuries when moving.

Final Word

Do warm-up exercises on your moving day to get your muscles ready and lessen body pain later on. You should always be prepared on your moving day, have a plan laid out. Ask for help from trusted moving agencies; they have all the equipment needed when moving and lifting heavy items.