What Is An Ideal Flooring In The Bathroom

Tiles have been proven in the bathroom for many decades. But must tiles in the bathroom still be on the floor and the walls today? Many now decide against it and rely on bathroom design with a vinyl floor.

The trend has been away for several years from a cold, hard, and ultimately uncomfortable ceramics. Therefore, more bathrooms and toilets want to renovate with vinyl tile [แผ่น กระเบื้อง ยาง which is the term in Thai]. Because an appealing design with vinyl can significantly enhance a bathroom, even a small guest toilet can be an attractive signboard for guests. Nobody would like to remember visiting times when visiting the restroom. Who does not know them, the green or brown tiles that make the 70s and 80s flash? But even the cold white wall tiles of the 90s do not create a feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom. And that is more in demand than ever, completely independent of the size and style of the bathroom.

Ideal flooring in the bathroom has a pleasant ambiance in focus. Here, the flooring in the bathroom is ideal if he, of course, brings the technical requirements for wet rooms and at the same time, covers the desired properties.

The ideal flooring for the bathroom must be completely waterproof and very easy to clean. Today, the ruggedness of tiles is less in demand in the bathroom. Instead, the focus is on the harmonious look without joints and pleasant foot warmth. That’s exactly what modern vinyl flooring brings with it. Even without under floor heating, vinyl feels much warmer compared to tiles. The decor selection of vinyl tiles is enormous. Also, if there are wood-effect tiles, they usually cannot compete with vinyl. In contrast to tiles, even a layman in the bathroom dares to embarrass.